Mobile Garden Espalier

I’ve had this panel I got at a second hand store for a decade now.  I really love it and have been thinking of ways to turn it into “something”.  One thought I had was a canning jar herb garden but I don’t have enough sun exposure in my house for an herb garden.


I really love this wood panel

Then I was perusing Pinterest on garden ideas and saw some examples of espalier gardening.  Espalier gardening is originally an ancient agricultural practice of controlling woody plant growth for maximum production of fruit in small areas.  There are three main designs:  horizontal cordon, candelabra, and Belgian fence.


This is an example of horizontal cordon

In modern days, gardeners have gotten creative with the concept of espalier and have created intricate designs with all sorts of plants creating all sorts of designs.  As the vine grows you trim it so that it shapes to the design.  On Pinterest I came across a wall with a criss-cross design growing with Ivy.


Photo from Pinterest

It was then that I thought that the design of my panel would look wonderful behind a growing climbing vine! So I drew up a plan.


I was originally going to make the panel as an attachment to a large pot but I wanted the ability to bring the espalier easily inside over the winter, so instead I went with a small 16” half circle window box.  I used 17 Gauge Spool Aluminum Wire to make the design for the vine to grow over and I used 1 ¾” Lag Eyebolts Thread Screws to affix the wire onto the panel.  Since this would be an outdoor/indoor “living wall” I decided to spray paint the panel with a clear protective cover as well.


I bought waaaaayyyyyyyy too much wire! LOL!  You need like, a quarter of this much!

I drilled the holes into the panel according to my plan above and to make sure I didn’t drill all the way through the panel, I marked my drill bit with tape at the depth I needed to stop.


…with purple flowery washi tape!

Once done adding the eyebolts I leaned the panel up against a wall and started threading the wire through.


I affixed the window box and planted a vining plant.  The best plants to use in an espalier project are fast growing ivies.  I decided to be a bit different and go with a pink jasmine.  Pink jasmine is a twining, fast growing jasmine vine that can grow up to 12-15 feet tall.  It is prized for it’s numerous blooms and intense sweet scent.  It is hardy to zone 7, which I am in, but since the window box is so small I will bring the plant inside over the winter to protect the roots from freezing.


Overall I am pleased with how it turned out and I am excited to see it grow!  I hope it works!

Products I purchased for this project:

Window Box:

Aluminum Wire:

Eyebolt Thread Screws:

Pink Jasmine:

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