Kitchen Tactics: Eating a Fresh Kumquat

I know what you’re thinking, “Does this woman think we are idiots?  How hard is it to eat a kumquat?!”  Trust me on this, there is a technique.  If you just pop a kumquat into your mouth like a grape, chances are you are going to make a face like this:


You see, kumquats are kind of like a miniature inside out orange and these little buggars pack a punch.  The skin is lovely and sweet, the pulp is sour and tart.  If you don’t eat a fresh kumquat correctly, you will miss out on the delicate sweetness of the skin and how it plays with the tartness of the pulp.

You want to roll the kumquat around in your fingers until it become pliable and soft and the essential oils are leeching out of the skin and covers your fingers.  Bite off the blossom end of the fruit (you can eat it but I spit it out).

Suck out the juice and pulp (spit out the seeds), using your teeth to flatten out the kumquat as you go, then nibble on the rind until it is all gone.  There you have it!  The proper way of eating a fresh kumquat that gives you a lovely all around citrus flavor.


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