Old Houses Are Crazy, Shower Fan Edition

Old houses are crazy!

But first a refresher: My house is 100+ years old. This DIY stuff you find in a 100+ year old home can be the stuff of legends. I’m pretty sure my house was built before indoor plumbing, HVAC, “modern” electricity, etc. So taking that into consideration the after market upgrades have been excellent (not like most houses around here).

For story time purposes: this is what a shower fan looks like. I’ve never actually seen the guts of a shower fan before & I’ve never really thought about a shower fan. Just one of those everyday, 1st world things, one doesn’t really think about… Until you have to.

There’s a housing unit that goes into the ceiling with all the electricity stuff, then the fan, & then a plug for the fan so you don’t electrocute yourself. It’s a basic shower fan. Nothing too fancy.

Anyways, when I moved in my shower fan has always been really loud. I always figured it was loose & tightened the screws every once in awhile. That would work for a bit until the screws loosened up, then I would tighten them. Ad finitum.

Until today. Tomorrow I have resurfacers coming in to resurface the tub & shower area. Since that was going on I figured I might as well take out & replace the fan.

My shower fan

So, the 2 screws come out with some difficulty but that doesn’t really worry me; it’s a shower, they’re probably rusted or something.

Then there’s this nub in the middle. I can’t really see it but my drill doesn’t fit & I’m like, “that can’t be a bolt. It doesn’t make sense”. I shine my flashlight & it definitely looks like a bolt & a weird kind of plastic nut I’ve never seen before.

WTF is going on here?!

So I’m like, “welp, I hope I don’t pull the whole ceiling down on me”, grab the unit & pull down. The unit pulls down pretty easily & it kinda looks like a normal shower fan, & I unplug it.

Original housing unit. Who knows how old this is lol

The housing unit is still in the ceiling but nothing else about the unit looks normal.

I take a closer look. Someone bolted a fan from a newer unit to a fan grate & then installed it in the old housing unit.

It also looks like the bolt was too long, then probably glued that weird plastic nut on it, & cut off the over hang.

I get it. Noone wants to electrocute themselves & they probably did this WAY BEFORE youtube was a thing, but they probably spent more time & effort in rebuilding this special shower fan instead of just properly replacing the entire housing unit anyways 😂😂😂. Like, that is WAY TOO MUCH WORK! Why work this hard when doing it the proper way would have been much easier & Faster?! I just think of this guy working this issue & getting frustrated for a day or two trying to figure this out 😂😂😂

Prime Day Review: Waneway Vanity Lights

One of my old vanity lamps kicked the bucket so I decided to peruse what was available on Amazon on Prime Day.  I found these totally cool, modular, self sticky bulbs that turn any mirror into a hollywood glamour vanity mirror & I really like them!

Check out my YouTube video below!

The vanity lights can be found here:

Baby Bird Updates, May 6 & 7

They are growing up so fast! It seems like they are doubling in size every 8 hours. The parents are also switching out much more often. They were switching out every 8 hours or so, now they are switching out about every 4 hours!

They have gotten their feathers in & finding their wings!

They look like little pinecones!!!

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One Impatient Chick

It was raining all day yesterday. Just none stop rain. One of those days where you wake up & it’s raining & you go to bed & it’s raining. Sometimes rainy days are pretty awesome. Like when your an adult & just need a break… But when your a kid those long rainy days cause feel like a bore. Like this young Mourning dove chick. He was not having it. He had some severe cabin fever at one point. It was also the first time he really showed off his wings!

Making my Rain Barrel User Friendly


I have an exciting post for you all this evening. Not only is it my first Youtube video but it’s also about information that I found fascinating.

Instead of writing it all down into a very wordy blog post please view my very first Youtube video below!

Please visit:

http://www.Bluebarrelsystems.com for all the low & no pressure rain barrel accessories

http://www.Dripdepot.com for dripper line supplies.

I hope this post helps you to make your rain barrel more user friendly. I’m really excited about this set up and hope it will help keep my garden hydrated throughout the year!


It’s been a long time!  Long time no see!

I’m back to blog AND  I got my domain name back!  I’ve been kicking around the idea to bring back the blog for awhile now but my domain name was taken for the past year.  Today, on a whim, I decided to check again AND IT WAS AVAILABLE!

Unfortunately, I lost about 50% of my posts when I didn’t renew my hosting way back when and I’m working on trying to collect those posts from internet archival sites.  Also, when I imported my blogger posts to WordPress for some reason i lost all my photos but I do have them somewhere so I may go back to my external harddrive and pull them up again.  We shall see.

The important thing is I’m back and ready to get to writing!


White Chocolate Covered Krispie Treats

Rice Krispy Treats…

I haven’t made rice krispy treats in years.  It was for Thanksgiving five years ago and they were Pumpkin Spice Rice Krispies.  They were delicious but I haven’t made krispies since.

Yesterday was Rico Suave’s sister’s birthday and I wanted to bake her something special but we didn’t have a whole lot of time at the beginning of this week to do anything too intricate.  I immediately thought of krispies.  I wanted to make the krispies special to her and her personality since it was her birthday gift.


3 Ingredients. Easy Peasy

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New Blog Host

Dear Readers…ok, I know you’re all really just friends & family at the moment,

I have set up The Kitchen Coven on a new blog host.  Google had somehow tagged me as “inappropriate” and therefore were not spidering my posts.   This meant that unless someone knew exactly what to write in a search bar, they were not being directed to my website.  Because of this, I have decided to set up The Kitchen Coven with WordPress.org though DreamHost.com.  I was able to successfully transfer all my old blogs, future scheduled blogs, and comments to the new host.  This also means that I now own the domain name The Kitchen Coven (YAY) and it is an official “website” www.thekitchencoven.com (YAY)!

What does this mean for you?  Well it doesn’t really mean anything unless you signed up to get subscription emails.  If you signed up for subscription emails, you will have to resign up at www.thekitchencoven.com.  That is it!

I hope to continue our love affair for non-corporate food on a much freer and friendlier forum!