A Few of My Favorite Things: 32nd St Farmer’s Market

There’s a farmer’s market I go to in Baltimore that I love that is popular enough to have many different varities of stands but not hipster enough where it’s overcrowded and you can’t navigate:  The 32nd Street Farmer’s Market. 

32nd St Farmer’s Market is found on the corner of 32nd St and Barclay in the Waverly neighborhood.  It is a year round farmer’s market and the very first market I visited when I first moved to Maryland in January 2012.  It runs on Saturdays from 7am until noon.

Because it’s year round, during the winter, many farmers will get produce from Florida.  However, when it starts to warm up and Spring is in full swing, most (if not all) stands sell their own produce.  The prices are fantastic and the selection is mind blowing.

The stands operate in cash but they do have a system where you can use your ATM to get “coins” that you can only use at this particular farmer’s market.  I always only go with cash.  Anywhere from $20 – $40.  $20 will buy you enough produce to last you a week or more.  With $40 you will walk away with bags of fresh produce that would last you a month! I mean, look at the size of this head of cabbage that I got for $1!

I sense sauerkraut in my near future!

32nd Street Farmer’s Market is where I was introduced to my Olive Oil Guy. Dimitri’s Olives is the best olive oil hands down and they sell more than just olive oil!

Even the dogs get spoiled when I go to the farmer’s market! 

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