Knowing How to Can Rocks!

Knowing how to can rocks!  Learning how to can really opened my eyes to a whole different aspect of cooking and I’ve learned so much from it.  It also taps into my cheap skate side in that I can take advantage of sales.

Weis was having a huge sale the other day and knowing how to can allowed me to turn this:

Into this:

4 thoughts on “Knowing How to Can Rocks!

  1. Hi Elizabeth!The last few years I have only done Boiling Water Bath Canning but this year I am getting myself comfortable with Pressure Canning. I have a post about Pressure Canning coming up in the near future! Stay tuned!

  2. I found out that here, bcause of our soil, to can tomatos we're supposed to pressure can and not waterbath. There is a class (held once a year an I missed it for thi year) thatI am going to take about canning. Does your home have a canning room in the basement? In MI we had one that my mom used.Iput my comment as anonymous because I ddn't know which to select. I'm Christine, your aunt

  3. Really? I've never heard of that before! Is it because the soil grows tomatoes lacking in acid?My home does not have a canning room, unfortunately, I have to do everything in my little kitchen!

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