Bar Top: Marmalade Whiskey Sour

Here’s a whiskey sour with a more feminine flare.  It uses marmalade as the sugar base instead of simple syrup and an egg white to make it frothy.  I love to serve it in my retro coop glasses to up the sophistication level.  Your significant other might look at you crazy when you hand them this whiskey sour but they will forgive you once they taste it because, although it looks feminine, the taste is pure whiskey.

I like to use bourbon for this recipe because bourbon has a deeper flavor and can hold up to the punch of the marmalade.  My favorite bourbon is Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon Whiskey.  This bourbon is aged in New American Oak and has the distinct woody flavor of bourbon without the harsh after taste.  This bourbon is moderately priced for a bourbon and I find I like the flavor a lot more than bourbons that are much more expensive. 

A few tips for your home bar:  when a drink calls for an egg white it’s to make that drink frothy.  The frothiness is not necessary for the drink but it is highly recommended.  I have made this drink with and without the egg white.  The egg white, when shaken, adds a lightness to the drink that is irreplaceable.  However, as much as I eat eggs and bake, I never wanted to waste an egg white on a drink…so, I got smart.  I keep a can of Deb El Just Whites as an ingredient in my home bar.  The instructions on the can will tell you how much egg white powder to add to how much water, you mix it up, and go!

Marmalade Whiskey Sour

Adapted from Saveur

2.5 oz Bourbon
0.5 oz lemon juice (I prefer fresh squeezed)
1 egg white
2 tsp Three Citrus Marmalade
3 drops Agnostura Bitters

1.  In bar shaker add marmalade, lemon juice, bourbon, and egg white; mix it up with a spoon.  Add ice and shake until the shaker is frosty cold.  Strain into a coop glass.  Shake 3 drops of Agnostura Bitters over the top and swirl the bitters around with a tooth pick into whites.  Enjoy!

Calgon…Take me away!

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