Preserved Lemon Paste

Have you ever come across an idea so simple, so easy, and so ingenious that you automatically went, “DOH!  WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?!”  That happened to me.  It was there, right in front of my face the whole time and I didn’t even think to do it!

I use Preserved Lemons in a *lot* of recipes but sometimes I’m just too lazy to chop *another* ingredient…but I still want that lemon flavor.  What’s a girl to do?  Sadly I would forgo the lemon….
…that is until I came across the most brilliant post by Marissa over at Food in Jars.  She got her idea from from Melissa Clark’s Cook This Now.  Melissa Clark suggest plucking the seeds out of your preserved lemons and blending the whole lemon (rind & pulp) up in the blender!  How ingenious is that?! 

So, I did just that.  I pureed about half a lemon’s worth, 4 slices, poured that into a quarter pint jar, topped it with a nice cover of olive oil, and it is sitting nicely on a shelf in my fridge.  Now whenever I feel a dish needs a lemon kick, I just add teaspoon or so of preserved lemon paste.  One can be so creative with this paste! 

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