How to Prepare Spot Prawn Caviar

This year I decided to try out Sitka Salmon Share. Sitka Salmon Share is similar to a CSA but it’s for seafood. You buy a share in advance of the season & that helps to support small, independently owned fishing boats in Alaska. Our December box was spot prawns & crab legs.

The spot prawns are loaded with eggs so I wanted to see how hard to would be to prepare caviar. As it turns out it’s not that hard at all.

The process I followed was from Hank Shaw of Hunter Angler Gardner Cook and it’s super simple.

With other roes you will try to remove the membrane completely but spot prawn roe is so small I don’t think that is possible.

Check out my YouTube video on the process below:

How to Can with Frozen Tomatoes

Hi all!

I’m back with another vlog! I wanted to make a vlog about how I can tomatoes. Since I had tomatoes in my freezer that needed to be preserved for easier use I thought it would be a good time for a video!


Cherry Blossom Hydrosol

Once a year I get the pleasure of looking out my master bedroom doors to my cherry blossom tree.

Literally the largest tree on the block

Not only is it the largest tree on the block but it’s the earliest blooming cherry blossom tree (since my back patio is surrounded by concrete it’s abnormally warm for the area).

I love this tree so much. Not only does it create shade & greenery to my Urban landscape but it gifts me with beautiful pink flowers every year.

This year I did something I always wanted to do: I made a preservative with the cherry blossoms. I went out back & gathered as many cherry blossoms from standing height as possible…& I was pretty proud of myself too! It took all evening!

It took a long time to gather this cute little pile!

When I asked my herbalism group what I should do with the cherry blossoms the overwhelming majority said I should make a cherry blossom hydrosol…

Well… Sh*t…

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