Enjoying the Herb Garden

The other week we were enjoying an evening in the back patio.  Harley was enjoying some neck scritches and Bella was enjoying her Juliet moment.


That hits the spot!


Where fore art thou?

My herbs had been enjoying the weather and growing like crazy.  They were full, and beautiful, and lush



I decided to trim some back to use fresh and to dry that way we can enjoy the fruits of my labor!


“What are these green things?”

As decoration I decided to hang some over my mantle.  I quite like how it looks!


And I decided to make a green tea with the little bit of borage and lavender I had harvested


The Saga Continues: Vegetable Plants

The plants thank you for your prayers!
The plants are doing pretty well!  The tomatoes have really rooted down and are growing rather magnificently!  The lettuce was doing so well that I had to transplant one of them into it’s own container, so now I have two containers of lettuce.  One of the cabbage was encroaching on the other one, so I transplanted that one into it’s own container but I’m pretty sure that I was too late.  That one may be a goner.  We’ll see if it thrives in it’s own container, keep your fingers crossed for that one.  I also had an onion that started to sprout so I planted that in it’s own container as well!  The basil has seen better days but I replaced the soil with new soil and planted it deeper into the soil.  Maybe that will help it root down some more?
I started with four pots and now have seven!  Oh, and my buddy, The Mountain Man, has a huge pot that he wants to give me.  I’m still mulling it over on if I will take it or not.  I don’t want to plant anything else in case this turns out to be a complete failure!  Haha.

Vegetable Plants




What did I just do?  I came home from Home Depot with this:

What the heck got into me?  I’m a city girl, damn it!

…Because I came home from the Farmers Market with vegetables…vegetable PLANTS.  I started my own container garden.  What did I just get myself into?  I’m known to kill the most heartiest plants.  I’ve killed cactus before.  I have two black thumbs…but yet, at the farmers market, I couldn’t help myself.  They were all over the place.  Staring at me with their beady little eyes telling me, “Take me!  Take me home and plant me!”  So I did…and now I have this:
Lettuce!  I’ve never planted before and I chose lettuce!
And this:
Tomatoes.  Everyone says tomatoes grow well in MD.
And this:
Cabbage.  Why did I pick cabbage?
Wish me luck.  Better yet, wish the plants luck…they need it more than I do!